Japanese 3DS

Japanese 3DS

New Insect Monster game announced

HMV Japan have listed a new game in the Insect Monster series from Culture Brain entitled Insect Monster Super Battle scheduled for 19 June priced at ¥5,184. Insect Monster is a Pokémon type RPG series with insects! The aim is to win the Grand Prix Mushimon! I hope I have some more shots soon so I don’t have to keep using the (awesome!) GBA art!

Chocolate Dog box art

Chocoken otherwise known as Chocolate Dog (actually the full title google translates as (Recipe of Magic and Mysterious Story a Little Chocolate Princess of Chocolate Dog!) has been dated for 9 October at ¥4,800 plus the new tax. The aim of the game is to make the Cake of Legend for the Chocolate Primcess. Explore the forest, shop in the city, change clothes and talk with other chocolate dogs!

Famitsu Charts Week 16

01./01. Youkai Watch
02./00. Ace Attorney 123 
03./02. Mario Party: Island Tour
04./00. Girls Mode
05./00. Detective Conan
06./04. Kirby Triple Deluxe
07./03. Crayon Shin-Chan
08./07. Pokemon X & Y
09./06. Puzzle & Dragons Z
10./08. Monster Hunter 4 
11./05. Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear
12./12. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
13./10. Harvest Moon: Linking The New World
14./11. Hero Bank
15./09. Dragon Quest Monsters 2 

I’ll add physical sales numbers tomorrow. Youkai Watch is now 757,821 (Level-5 are reporting 1 million shipped). 3DS hardware down to just 22,347 but free games offer and Golden Week soon. Curtain Call next week!

StreetPass Mii Plaza sale

Nintendo are holding a Golden Week sale on the four StreetPass Mii Plaza games at ¥400 for one, ¥900 for three or ¥1,000 for all four. The sale starts 1 May and ends 6 May. I’m still holding out for the StreetPass Bunny to be announced for Super Smash Bros.! Check out mini reviews for all four at http://www.japanese3ds.com/post/54785848087

Shadowgate coming to 3DS

The Famicom version of Shadowgate is coming to 3DS next week for ¥514!

New Ace Attorney confirmed for 3DS

Although confirmed in a Nintendo Direct a few months ago the New Ace Attorney has been reconfirmed that it is for 3DS in this week’s Famitsu magazine. The only details are that it takes place in Meiji era Japan. I’ll update more when I have it! Thanks to Ryouga Saotome.

Edit: the full name is Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken which supposedly literally means Grand Turnabout Trial - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke but since the Gyakuten Saibam series is known as Ace Attorney then something like the Grand (or Great) Ace Attorney seems more appropriate. Anyways: this is not Ace Attorney 6 but a spin-off (yes it is still a spin off masamim as it’s not one of the mainline series!) featuring a distant relative of Phoenix Wright. There’s a scan over at Tiny Cartridge and other places.

Edit 2: the first promo video (with no gameplay footage) is at http://youtu.be/OxK20bOl-ag

Nekketsu Magic Story next week

Arc System Works have confirmed that the Kunio-Kun RPG(ish) game Nekketsu Magic Story (Kunio-kun Hot-blood Magic Tale) is coming to the eShop on 30 April after all priced at ¥994. Looking from the new shot that it’s making use of the Swords & Darkness engine!

Snow Moto Racing 3D next week

Flyhigh Works have confirmed that Snow Moto Racing 3D will be coming to the eShop next week priced at ¥400. This makes the eighth eShop game announced for next week already if we add in Mario Golf, Touch Detective 3 and two DSiWare titles (go to the Schedule for the full list)! Virtual Console announcement(s) tomorrow too! Watch the Japanese trailer for Snow Moto Racing 3D at http://youtu.be/YYwwu7YWyyQ

Tomodachi Tuesday

My favourite posts from the past week of Tomodachi Collection. Click the tags below for more weeks and click the source for my Miiverse. From top to bottom:- my new day job! Baba and Brion hit NYC! Vanian and Brion receive a letter from their daughter! My Mii’s best friend becomes a news reporter for the day! Zanreo becomes a model! And finally stolen from somebody else’s Miiverse drawing on a sleeping Mii!

Quarth review

Few games truly deliver on their promise of being a hybrid of two genres with most following the route of the excellent Gargoyle’s Quest in just alternating between genres (in Capcom’s case platform and RPG) with each new level. Quarth however (originally released for the arcade in 1989 and later ported to the Famicom, MSX and this Game Boy version from 1990) achieves a perfect hybrid between shoot-em-up and puzzler being equal parts Space Invaders and equal parts Tetris.

Despite being ideally suited to the Game Boy’s screen, Quarth only shared a fraction of the success of Tetris. The rules of the game is to select one of six aircraft (unfortunately the differences are merely aesthetic) with the aircraft taking the place of a fixed vertical shooter and fire block pieces at falling Tetris style blocks to form rectangles or squares (where the blocks then disappear) and aim for a high score before a block reaches the bottom line and all aboard the aircraft reach their inevitable death.

Tetris similarities don’t end with the block shapes as both games increase speed in the same subtle way before the Tetris level nine type speed hits. The player is also rewarded for creating larger rectangles/squares earning a score bonus and power-ups. Quarth manages to be both fun and addictive with its simplicity achieving another rare videogame accolade by being one of the smaller percentage of games that instil the player a certain excited tension as the pieces edge closer to causing your doom.

There’s really little to add to this review as there is little else to the game and ultimately it is not as good as the game it seeks to be (Tetris) although that hardly should be at its detriment. What is at its detriment is the Game Boy Link Cable mode enabling a two-player game isn’t replicated in anyway which is a serious issue in Virtual Console emulation. Lack of multiplayer and repetitivity aside: Quarth is an immensely fun and addictive game that Tetris and Space Invaders fans alike should inject into their veins.

Review by Bri Bri. For more information on Quarth go to http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/eshop/vc/rbqj/index.html